Where’s the AI in “Recruiting AI” and “HR AI”?

The Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Recruiting AI, and AI in HR echo-chamber is alive and well in every HR Tech vendor’s pitch.

But “Where’s the AI?”

This is going to be a Live event with QA, with lot’s of in-depth info about the status of AI in Human Resources and Recruiting today.
We’ll discuss:
  • “Recruiting Automation” and workflow process automation vs “AI”
  • What is AI? and What isn’t.
  • The currecnt state of Recruiting and HR AI today, without a lot of technical gibberish.
  • The future state of Recruiting and HR AI
  • AI use cases, and how those might affect your recruiting and HR problems and opportunities.

Who should attend?
Anyone interested in AI in recruiting and HR.
If you’re a VP of HR, VP of Talent Acquisition, Director, Recruiter, or HR leader, you’ll definitely get something from the webinar.
Why should you attend?
If you’re having problems hiring, or looking at solutions for next year, you’re probably hearing a lot of “AI” from vendors.
Unfortunately, the sales teams aren’t always the best technical resources to describe what the “AI” is in the product, and what value it bring to you and your organization. We’ll get into what AI is and where it is working and where it isn’t, and if it really matters to your use cases.
About the speaker:
Jonathan Duarte is a 20 year veteran of the recruiting technology space. He’s built 3 companies in HR Tech, over the last 23 years, starting with one of the first Internet job boards, GoJobs.com, back in 1996, and the first US recruiting chatbot on Facebook Messenger in 2016. He’s lead technology integrations between ATS’, job boards, job aggregators, and background screening companies.
Jonathan has also lead and consulted enterprise artificial intelligence chatbot teams at some of the largest companies in the world; including Wells Fargo and EY.

Sep 5, 2019 12:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)


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