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Text Recruiting

oSend and Receive Text Messages from Your Desktop.

Messenger Chatbots

oEngage and Recruit Candidates with Facebook Careers Pages.


Recruit Chat bot Suite

Career Chat

oAdd Career Chat to Your Career Site and Convert More Visitors to Applicants.

SMS Text Chatbots

oAcquire Candidates with Text Messaging Based Recruiting Chatbots.

Some of the companies that work with GoHire

Wingstop Jobs Text Apply
Dunkin Donuts Jobs Text Apply

Candidate Acquisition

90% of engaged candidates complete a candidate profile; increasing your talent pool, while automating candidate outreach.

Pre-Qualify & Match Candidates

Pre-screen and geo-match candidates for multiple locations, while qualifying candidates for employment criteria.

FAQs with Artificial Intelligence

FAQs powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) engage candidates before and during the application and interview process.

Job Fair Registration & Reminders

Increase onsite hiring event and job fairs attendance with mobile optimized  registrations and automating reminders.

Automated Interview Scheduling

Automate one of the most time-intensive recruiting processes, by implementing self-select interview scheduling.

Recruitment Marketing Automation

Leverage text messaging to engage your talent pool with automated employer branding messaging sequences.

Career Chat Visitors
  • Your next employee is probably on your career site, Right Now!
  • But only 1 in 10 completes an application
  • Engage your existing visitors and increase your ROI

With high-volume hiring we needed tech to interact with candidates at the top of the funnel by answering FAQs and gathering candidate contact information.

Our GoHire text messaging chatbot does this while also providing a nice “human-centric” touchpoint for candidates.

Robin Schooling
VP of HR, Hollywood Casino Baton Rogue

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