Recruitment Automation You Can Implement Today!

What is recruiting automation?

Recruiting Automation is the process of optimizing the recruiting process by eliminating manual tasks, or human steps required to acquire, engage, pre-screen, interview, hire and onboard new hires.

How do you automate the recruitment process?

Automating your recruiting process starts with documenting your recruiting workflow and the potential areas where optimization or technology might be able to solve manual processes or fix existing barriers that are inefficient and causing you to lose good candidates.

10 Examples of Recruitment Automation Software Tools

  1. Programmatic Job Advertising
  2. Apply by Text
  3. Recruiting Chatbots
  4. Video interviews
  5. Assessments
  6. Candidate pre-screening
  7. Sourcing
  8. Interview Scheduling
  9. Reminders and notifications
  10. Onboarding

What are the benefits of Recruitment Automation?

  • Faster Time to Interview
  • Better Candidate Experience
  • Reduction in Cost per Hire
  • Automated Pre-Screening
  • Automated Interview Scheduling
  • More Qualified Candidates
  • Less Candidate Ghosting

Candidate Profile Acquisition

90% of engaged candidates complete a candidate profile; increasing your talent pool, while automating candidate outreach.

Pre-Qualify & Match Candidates

Pre-screen and geo-match candidates for multiple locations, while qualifying candidates for employment criteria.

FAQs with Artificial Intelligence

FAQs powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) engage candidates before and during the application and interview process.

Job Fair Registration & Reminders

Increase onsite hiring event and job fairs attendance with mobile optimized  registrations and automating reminders.

Interview Scheduling

Automate one of the most time-intensive recruiting processes, by implementing self-select interview scheduling.

Recruitment Marketing Automation

Leverage text messaging to engage your talent pool with automated employer branding messaging sequences.

SMS / Text Recruiting provides Benefits:

* Increases Candidate Engagements

* Increase Candidate Apply Rates

* Creates a “Concierge Candidate Experience”

* Educates Candidates about Corporate Culture

Text Recruiting is Customizable:

* Inbound and Outbound Text Campaigns.

* Chat bot and Recruiter modes

* Integrates with existing work flows.

Career Chat Visitors
  • Your next employee is probably on your career site, Right Now!

  • But only 1 in 10 completes an application

  • Engage your existing visitors and increase your ROI


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