Recruiting Chatbot FAQs

Automate 80% of your recruiting tasks.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that can respond to multiple requests, or questions, in an automated way, 24/7. Chatbots are “human-like”, but clearly automated. Chatbots communicate via messaging apps, like SMS/Text, Facebook Messenger, or Web chat. Messaging apps are now used more often than Social Networking sites.

What can chatbots do?

GoBe can increase candidate engagements, increase candidate application rates, pre-screen candidates, automate interview scheduling, and lots more. The pre-screening questions that you’re currently using can be optimized to work within a chatbot. Chatbots can be deployed on SMS / Text Messaging, Facebook Career pages, and Career Sites.

How much does a chatbot cost?

Effective chatbots are customized to work with your recruiting processes and existing workflows. We work with your recruiting and HR teams to design a chatbot solution that will solve your specific objectives. To quote the price of building a chatbot for your organization, we have a consulting call, where we learn what your objectives and preferences. Once we know what type of solution you’re looking for, including the number users that will be using the system, we’ll provide a quote to build and maintain your chatbot.

Can you Integrate to my ATS or HCM?

Our chatbots are made to integrate on top of your existing ATS. We are building integrations with leading ATS systems based on customer demand. We are currently partnered with iCIMS, and planning integrations with SmartRecruiters, Lever, Greenhouse, Jobvite, Taleo, and several others in the near future. Please let your Account Executive know what ATS you’re using.

Can a chatbot import my jobs?

Yes, GoBe can be programmed to import/ scrape your company job postings, making the available for candidates to Find, View, and Apply via Messenger, SMS / Text Messaging, and Career Chat.

Why should I invest in a chatbot?

Most employer career sites only convert 9% or less of visitors as applicants. Our clients are seeing 50% of Chatbot Engaged candidates Applying to Jobs. It’s significant!
Email is getting less effective as a means to communicate. Your workforce is already using Messaging. Messaging with automation allows recruiting teams to eliminate many manual tasks, like chasing candidates on email, trying to get responses, or scheduling interviews.

What about spamming people on SMS / Text, and the Telephone Communications Privacy Act (TCPA)?

Yes, GoHire texting solutions are TCPA compliant. We are not only compliant with TCPA, but also subscribe to the Best Practices of the CTIA.

With the GoHire Recruiting Chatbots, job seekers initiate the sms communication by texting to the client’s local phone number, therefore opting into the conversation. With our Recruiting Chatbots, we do not send sms messages to users who have not initiated the conversations with our chatbot, first.

GoHire works directly with each customer to include both “Opt-in” and “Opt-out” messages and instructions in initial response Welcome messages. This process not only satisfies TCPA compliance, but provides candidates with an record of the required process, as it’s saved in their messaging thread.

Do you support Universal “Opt-Out” or Company-wide (Enterprise) TCPA Compliance?

By default, all long-form phone numbers have a universal “Opt-Out” feature built in. We are using the industry standard “Opt-out” phrases, and recognize the following single word “opt-out” messages; “Stop”, “StopAll”, “Unsubscribe”, “Cancel”, “End”, and “Quit”.

Anytime a user sends a single word, “opt-out” message such as “stop” or “unsubscribe”, our sms chatbots are automatically configured to recognize and block any future outbound messages to that user.

This same process is used across all phone numbers and chatbots grouped under the same company.

So, if a candidate opts-out on one inbound text messaging number, managed by one recruiter, that same opt-out is maintained across the entire company, creating a company wide “opt-in” “Opt-out” / “Do Not Message” database.

Can candidates “Resubcribe” or “Re-Optin”?

Once a phone number is blocked, only requrests initiated from the original “opt-out” phone number can “Re-Opt-in”. GoHire recognizes the following “Re-Opt-In” phrases: “UnStop”, “Start”, and “Yes”, as single word messages.