Automated Scheduling with Text Invites!

Are Great Candidates not Responding?

Automated Scheduling with Text Messaging

Get More 400% Candidate Responses!

Automate Candidate Self-Scheduling with Text Invites


Candidate self-scheduling with text messaging makes it easy and fast for candidates to respond.

* Save 20% of your time
* Increase your Candidate Interviews by 400%
* Reduce Manual Email and Phone call followups
* Get more Responses by texting candidates
* Send individual or bulk invites at once.
* Send & Receive text messages from your ATS and browser
* Integrates with your ATS

While your competition is sending emails and making repeated phone calls one at a time. You’ll be interviewing candidates. You’ll be talking to candidates who you sent a text message to, and who added themselves to your calendar.

* Connects to your existing Calendar Partner Network. There’s no need for another calendar and process. Just connect your existing calendar, like Google Calendar,, ICalendar, Office 365, Exchange, and Calendly.

* Engage candidates faster than ever before, with Text Messaging. 97% of Text Messages are opened within minutes. Only 14% of emails are opened, and only 2% of job alerts get candidates to apply for a job.

* Invite the candidates you want, by sending them a text invite to select a time that’s convenient for them, and available on your existing calendar.
* Increasing the number of candidates that book appointments.
* Increase appointment show rates and decrease “Interview Ghosting”. Candidates who can self-select based on their existing availability are more likely to show for a scheduled appointment.
* Eliminate 15-20% of your time by almost completely eliminating the back and forth emails and phone calls to coordinate schedules.
* Respond to candidate faster using Text Messaging to send invites.

How it Works:
Connect your GoHire account to your Calendar.
Download the GoHire Chrome Extension.
Find a candidate in your ATS, and send them an invite to schedule a time to connect.
Send Individual invites, in 2 clicks, or send hundreds of invitations with Broadcast Messaging.

Spend more time interviewing and less time sending emails and making phone calls to schedule interviews. Make it easy for job seekers and easy for you!

Acquire Candidates with “Apply By Text”
* Apply By Text chatbot or Recruiting Assistants, let candidates create a profile and answer pre-screening questions 24/7 using the most common applications on their mobile phone… text messaging.
* 85-90% of the candidates that engage through Apply By Text, complete the pre-screening profiles, and in less than 5 minutes.
* Increase Candidate Apply Rates by 562% vs the average ATS Application Rate.


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