Text to Apply Software

Make it Easy for Job Seekers to Apply by Text

Make it Easy to Apply by Text

What is Text to Apply Software?

Text to apply provides your company with a Shortcode or Inbound Text phone number that walks job-seekers through a text to hire job application, where candidates enter their contact information, answer pre-screening job questions, and can even schedule an interview (optional). When a job seeker completes the brief questions, we email you the candidate’s information and with our text recruiting software, you can start texting back and forth with candidates.

 Want to see an example?

Text “Jobs” to (888) 223-5088

What are the benefits of Text Apply?

Text Apply software is revolutionizing recruiting because text messaging has a 95%+ open rate, candidates are already using SMS as their primary communication platform, and companies can leverage recruiting chatbots to engage and pre-screen candidates quickly. Additionally, the quick responses and automation, allow for a better candidate experience while speeding the recruiting process. Companies are seeing increases in  candidate engagements by 9X, while increasing candidate application rates by 562%.

How do companies use Apply by Text? 

Employers are placing their Text to Apply keywords and phone numbers in job ads posted on job boards, as well as in Hiring Now signage, such as banners and window clings. By advertising the Apply by text keyword and text number allows companies to not only capture mobile-driven candidates by increasing the ease-of-use to apply, but also make it easier on applicants, because typing a long url on a mobile phone is frustrating, and most career sites are not mobile optimized.

How does Text to Apply work? 

Text to apply works by providing a job seeker with a phone number that accepts a specific keyword which triggers the text-to-apply software to respond with a pre-configured message. There are multiple types of responses, from an automated response with a welcome message and link to a career site to a recruiting chatbot that engages the candidate in an automated conversation that captures the candidate’s contact information and pre-screening questions. More advanced solutions can integrate to a company’s applicant tracking system (ATS), schedule interviews, and submit the candidate for a specific role.

The use of Apply by Text is growing significantly in the US for front-line hourly workforce because it’s fast and efficient, the candidate experience is great, it moves the candidate through the process faster, and reduces a lot of manual time spent by recruiters, doing manual followup calls and emails.

3 types of Text to Apply software

There are three types of text to apply software solutions, and GoHire supports them all.
So, whether you’re a smaller business hiring a handful of employees a month or a company hiring 10,000+ employees, we’ve got a solution for you.

1. AutoResponse Messages

This is the simplest form, where the system responds with a static welcome message and a link to the company career site. This can help get candidates to your career site or to the application form. However, multiple studies over many years, including the Appcast 2023 Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report  show that only 5% of mobile candidates who visit a career site complete an application.
So, a Now Hiring sign that points to your website or uses text to hire loses 95% of your candidates. As a result, this isn’t a very effective solution, but it does have specific use cases, like job fair signage, etc.

2. Apply by Text with Candidate Capture and Pre-screening Conversation

This is a HUGE game changer in Mobile Recruiting, and highly effective for Candidate Acquisition. In this case, a candidate texts the word “Jobs” to your number, or scans a QR Code, and sends a message. The system then responds with a company-branded message that Welcomes and Engages the candidate in a conversation, asking the candidate for their contact information and some basic pre-screening questions, to see if they fit for the role.
When the candidate completes the questions, the candidate’s contact information is submitted to the hiring team member via email and depending on the configuration could include scheduling of pre-screening calls with candidates.

There are multiple variations of Conversational Apply by Text, but even the simplest of solutions can capture 90% of the candidates.

3. Conversational AI with Recruiting Automation

With more advanced recruiting chatbots, Conversational AI can be used to automate higher-volume hiring workflows, from interview scheduling and integrations into a client’s applicant tracking system (ATS) as well as matching candidates to specific jobs. Conversational AI provides a more customizable candidate experience and integrated workflow, which is needed by high-volume recruiting environments where scale and automation can provide a significant return on investment.
These systems are generally highly customized to the client and the candidate workflows and can be deeply integrated into multiple recruiting systems, including ATS systems, calendars, HRIS and other systems of record.

What’s a typical text to hire conversation?

  • Candidate Contact & Profile Capture
  • Pre-screening for Qualification, Availability and Interest
  • Automated Interview Scheduling

Gets Results:

  • 500% Increase in Candidates
  • 90% of Candidates Complete the Apply
  • Increase your Speed to Hire

Will Text Apply work for you? 

Apply by Text works great for retail, hospitality, high-volume, hourly / part-time, mass hire, onsite, job fairs, and local recruiting.

It’s Easy to get started!

  • GoHire staff will create a customized candidate apply script for you, with a local number, or a shortcode, depending on the number of locations you have.
  • Then, create in-store signs and list your Apply by Text number in your job ads.
  • Job seekers will be welcomed by your chatbot, apply, and we’ll send you the candidates information via email.
  • Then, you can use the GoHire text recruiting software to send and receive text messages from job seekers.
  • For more advanced solutions, we can include automated interview appointments, integration to your existing applicant tracking system (ATS), add additional locations, and create more complex job applications.
Robin Schooling
With high-volume hiring we needed tech to interact with candidates at the top of the funnel by answering FAQs and gathering candidate contact information. Our GoHire text messaging chatbot does this while also providing a nice “human-centric” touchpoint for candidates.
Robin Schooling - VP of HR, Hollywood Casino, Baton Rogue


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