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Candidate Experience - Measure It
Candidate Experience is a term being used quite a bit in talent acquisition and recruiting teams, but what exactly is a "candidate experience"? What is Candidate Experience? Candidate experience is the sum of interactions that an individual has with a company, or the company brand, where they might seek employment. These experiences might come from word of mouth referrals, search [...]
Port a Potties and Recruiting
What’s behind Door #2 will shock every recruiter! Over the summer, I was taking my high school daughter to band camp (@WilliamTincup - no comment), and found one of the best recruitment marketing ads I’ve seen in a very long time. So, what do Port-a-Potties have to do with Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding? You’ll be surprised! With US unemployment at a 50 year low, [...]
The job application process isn't working very well. Consider that 90% of career site visitors don't complete an application and 90% of candidates that do complete an application, never hear back from the employer, can we really say it's working? Ira Wolfe, long time Candidate Experience Architect, and Assessment Expert, GoHire CEO, Jonathan Duarte, discuss the job application [...]
DriveThruHR podcast
Turning On or Turning Off Email Notifications: Your GoHire account has a setting to turn-on, or turn-off email notifications when a candidate completes a profile.Depending on your needs, this might be helpful, or annoying.To turn on or off candidate email notifications, here is how you access the setting: 1. Click on your Name in the upper right hand corner. 2. In the DropDown, [...]
When you first set up your GoHire account, you may or may not, have set your default calendar time zone. If you received an error message, and can't send Text Invites, this might be why To Set your Local Time Zone for Text Invites. Step 1.  Log in to your gohire account. Step 2. Click on your name in the upper right, and then Settings. Step 3. From the settings page, click the [...]
Text Alerts are one of the fastest ways to get your message to your customers, job seekers, employees, and prospects. Using Job Text alerts is a great way for administrative, light-industrial, and labor staffing companies to quickly reach existing candidates. SMS Text messages have open rates of 95% and are often responded to in minutes. Using text messages allows you to quickly [...]
Recruiting Chatbot News
Sometimes HR Tech can take a long time to evolve. I found this old "Source of Hire Protocol" that I published back in January 2004. 14 years later, and we're still talking about the same things... "How do you track the inbound source of candidates?" Fortunately, we've moved forward, but it surprises me sometimes that even some of the largest volume hiring entities in the world, [...]
I first met John Sumser, the Principal Analyst at HR Examiner, and one of the most sought after HR technology analysts, some 20 years ago, back in 1998, or so.  That year, John hosted a cocktail party at his home in Milly Valley, CA for a small group of HR technology founders who where attending the SHRM conference in San Francisco. It was a pretty small group back then. I'm not [...]