The GoHire Text Recruiting Chrome Extension

When it comes to recruiting in today’s market, speed is everything!

With the GoHire Chrome Extension, you’ll be able to Engage candidates quickly, from wherever you’re working, in your ATS, on a job board, or in your email.

The GoHire Extension allows you to text candidates from virtually any ATS platform.

When using the GoHire Text Recruiting Extension you can:

  • Send and receive text messages without having to open another browser tab.
  • Get real-time notifications when a candidate responds.
  • Send Quick Response or customized template messages.
  • Send Interview Scheduling requests via text message.
  • Communicate with SMS, Messenger, and your Career Chat.

This plugin gives you the ability to send texts through your GoHire account while in any applicant tracking system (ATS) , CRM or website, including LinkedIn.

All messages are synched with your GoHire account, and all candidate data and responses are captured.

If candidates have unsubscribed from communication, we will help you to stay compliant by disabling texting to those candidates.

Text Recruiting Extension Features:

When you install the GoHire Chrome Extension you’ll be able to:

  • Send & receive text messages with candidates
  • Auto recognize phone numbers & add contacts
  • Incoming message notifications
  • Manage multiple conversations
  • Universal Messaging:
    • Text / SMS
    • Live Chat
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Chatbot Conversations
  • One-Click Automated Scheduling
  • Integrates with your CRM and ATS
  • View contact conversations
  • Template Messages
  • Notifications of new contacts and messages.

Visit the Google Chrome store to download the

GoHire Text Recruiting Chrome Extension

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