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Engage Job Seekers and get Fast Responses with Text Recruiting!

Text recruiting software allows Recruiting and HR teams to leverage messaging to quickly engage, pre-screen, and automate scheduling, with candidates, while automating manual and time-consuming tasks like making phone calls, sending emails. Text messaging is a critical part of an optimized hiring process. Features like text to apply, pre-screening questions, personalized text recruiting templates, and automated interview scheduling create a great candidate experience and efficient recruitment process.

Talent acquisition, staffing, hiring managers, and human resources teams can automate interview scheduling, send mass text notifications, and manage multiple conversations with candidates while saving recruiters 20% or more of their time.

Texting software platforms, like GoHire, allow recruiters to send and receive text messages from any web page, such as job boards, applicant tracking systems (ATS), HCMs, creating a streamlined recruitment process.

Text to Apply Recruiting Chatbot Sample

Increased Visitor Engagements = More Qualified Applicants!

Text message recruiting offers fast and high response rates

In another Gartner survey, 98 percent opened text messages and 96% answered messages. This rate is significantly higher than email, which has an opening rate of 20% and an average response rate of 6%, or nearly 7x as much as e-mail.

What to consider when considering a text recruiting platform?

There are lots of text messaging platforms but most are designed for mass-market broadcasting or add-on features to send individual text messages.

Implementing an effective text recruiting strategy that your recruiting and HR teams will use and will have an impact on the company’s business needs requires a specialized texting platform.

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  • Text Messages = FAST Responses!

  • Automate Interview Scheduling!

  • Reduce Candidate Ghosting!

  • Hire Faster!

Top 10 Text Recruiting Platform Must-Have Features

1. Personalized Text Recruiting Templates

When text message recruiting with candidates, the candidate isn’t going to recognize your texting number, so it’s important to personalize your first message so candidates recognize the message is for them, and who and why you’re texting them.

For the best candidate engagement results, you’ll want to customize the messages with the candidate’s name, the sender’s name, and the company name, so the candidate understands who is texting them and why.

2. Integrated Interview Scheduling

Scheduling interviews takes a lot of time and effort. With a texting platform that has integrated scheduling and reminders, our clients have seen 80% of text recruiting job candidates self-scheduling themselves, for pre-screening calls or an in person interview, in 24 hours, with no manual phone calls or emails.

It’s important that your texting recruiting platform directly connects to your team calendars, instead of a third-party calendar, so the platform can send automated reminder and follow-up messaging if the recruiting candidates haven’t scheduled in a pre-determined time.

3. Candidate Pre-screening Conversations

Pre-screening candidates to see if they are Qualified, Available, and Interested can take a lot of time and effort if being done manually on phone calls.

With Pre-screening conversations via text messaging, candidates can be sent a pre-built set of questions, like “Are you 18?”, “Do you have the right to work?”, “Will you take a background or drug test?” etc. Then, if the candidate responds favorably, the next step in the hiring process might be to invite the candidate to self-schedule an interview, via the integrated interview scheduling.

4. Text to Apply

The Mobile-first workforce requires a simple solution to engage and apply. With text to apply candidates can scan a QR Code or send a text message to a specific phone number and complete an automated conversation via text messaging.

Text to apply makes it simple for the frontline workforce who don’t have access to a laptop or computer to apply for your positions quickly.

5. Ability to Create Groups and Cohorts

When you need to send text messages to multiple people or manage communications across multiple different groups, you’ll want the ability to quickly create and manage multiple groups at once.

Creating groups or cohorts is extremely helpful when your hiring process includes “classes” or “cohorts” and needs to the same message to multiple people at once.

6. Broadcast Messaging Campaigns with Groups

If you want to send the same message to multiple people, like an onsite job fair announcement, or virtual career fairs notice, or even an employee reminder about Open Enrollment, group messaging allows you to choose a group and send a personalized message to each contact.

7. Chrome Extension to Text Message from Any Job Board or ATS

Recruiting involves using a lot of different websites at the same time, like your ATS and multiple job boards. With an integrated Chrome extension texting candidates from your ATS or any job board is simple. With a Chrome extension recruiters can text candidates directly while on the Indeed or ZipRecruiter website, inviting the candidate to schedule a call with a recruiter.

8. Team Texting Accounts

With multiple people involved in the recruiting process having the ability to segment contacts by a recruiter, while also having access to all contacts and all contact conversations, makes it easy for teams to work together during the process.

9. Text Reporting and Analytics

Josh Bersin has been quoted stating “75% of recruiting software is not being used”. Analytics and reporting by user, contact, and text messages help leadership understand what campaigns are working, what recruiters are using the platform, and how many candidates are engaged.

10. Applicant Tracking System Integrations

High-volume recruiting requires an optimized process that leverages solutions like text message recruiting and text to apply that are integrated into the rest of the recruiting tech stack. So, check with your vendor to see if they can integrate with the rest of your recruiting software partners.

The Benefits of Text Recruiting Software

  • Increased Candidate Responses
  • Save Recruiters Time
  • The Fastest Way to Communicate
  • Removes Phone & Email Follow-Up

Text Recruiting Software Features:

  • Text Recruiting Chatbots
  • Broadcast Text Messages
  • Automated Interview Scheduling
  • Text Reminder Campaigns

SMS Recruiting is Customizable:

  • Inbound and Outbound Text Messages
  • Chatbot and Recruiter modes
  • Integrates with existing workflows
  • Individual and Team Accounts

Customized Configurations:

  • Multi-lingual
  • Toll-Free and Local 10 Digit Texting Numbers
  • Customized Branding
  • ATS and HCM Integrations

Candidate Profile Acquisition

90% of engaged candidates complete a candidate profile; increasing your talent pool, while automating candidate outreach.

Pre-Qualify & Match Candidates

Pre-screen and geo-match candidates for multiple locations, while qualifying candidates for employment criteria.

FAQs with Artificial Intelligence

FAQs powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) engage candidates before and during the application and interview process.

Job Fair Registration & Reminders

Increase onsite hiring event and job fairs attendance with mobile optimized  registrations and automating reminders.

Interview Scheduling

Automate one of the most time-intensive recruiting processes, by implementing self-select interview scheduling.

Recruitment Marketing Automation

Leverage text messaging to engage your talent pool with automated employer branding messaging sequences.


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