GoHire Leadership

Over 100 years of Recruiting Technology, in one company.

The GoHire Vision:

GoHire helps recruiters Attract, Engage, and Recruit across multiple messaging platforms with award winning chatbots, that automate workflows and processes.

Our clients are generating 500% increases in candidate apply rates, while pre-screening candidates for quality, while leveraging the rapid response rates of messaging platforms and the workflow process automation of chatbots to speed up the recruiting process.

With text messaging, Messenger, and web chat, recruiters are automating manual tasks like candidate pre-screening and job interview scheduling, while communicating with candidates using their platform of choice, in a centralized and compliant way.


GoHire was founded by Jonathan Duarte (“JD”), a Founder and CEO with 20 years of experience in the Internet Recruiting market, and Mike Lam, former Director of Business Intelligence, entrepreneur and investor.

JD is a 20 year veteran of the Internet Recruiting and HR Tech industry, having started one of the first job boards, GOJobs.com, in 1996. As a technologist and entrepreneur, JD has built companies, partnerships, and technology integrations with HR Tech companies across the recruiting and workforce management spectrum.

Our Mission:

Connect the Right employer, to the Right candidate, at the Right time.

To do this, we leverage the latest technologies, tear down assumptions, and make products that are easy to use.

The GoHire Vision:

For the last 20 years, our Founder has been trying to solve this same age-old problem of connecting the right company, to the right candidate, at the right time. This journey has taken many forms, from founding one of the first Internet job boards in the 90s, and one of the largest job distribution networks, to building corporate career sites.

However, while the technology has helped move us from newspaper ads and a “Hidden Job Market”, where most job openings were never published, to a market where “All jobs are everywhere”, fundamentally, we haven’t solved real fundamental problems with the “job search” and “hiring” process. In many ways, we’ve just substituted one set of problems with another.

Over the last couple of years, however, we’ve been in a unique position to witness the convergence of several technologies that we believe will significantly alter the future of recruiting and the job search process.

For instance, in the first six months of 2016, Uber recruited approximately 600,000 drivers, in the US, alone. That alone is an incredible statistic. But, if you dig a little deeper, it also means that they had to engage over 6 million potential drivers to start the recruiting process. From my knowledge, this was the single largest, public or private sector recruiting campaign in the last 50 years, or more.

They did it through automating the recruiting process; removing as many barriers-to-entry and friction points, as possible, and only implementing human assistance when needed. If they required manual processes, or drivers to fill out a 45 minute application, they would have failed.

One of the key solutions was text messaging and automated next step reminders, to engage potential drivers to take the next step in the process.

The open rates and fast response rates of text messaging alone can speed up the recruiting process. But, when you add chatbots, and the ability to create customized next steps and reminders, across nearly any recruiting process, and any recruiting technical stack, you have the ability to automate and scale recruiting processes.

Our goal is to help recruiters automate manual tasks, so they can serve their candidates and job seekers better.


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