Recruiting Automation

I first met John Sumser, the Principal Analyst at HR Examiner, and one of the most sought after HR technology analysts, some 20 years ago, back in 1998, or so.  That year, John hosted a cocktail party at his home in Milly Valley, CA for a small group of HR technology founders who where attending the SHRM conference in San Francisco. It was a pretty small group back then. I'm not [...]
Automated Scheduling with Text Messaging
Recruitment Automation is quickly coming to staffing firms, recruitment process outsourcing (RPOs), and corporate talent acquisition teams. What is Recruiting Automation? Let's define Recruitment Automation as automating, or eliminating, human steps, or workflow processes within the recruiting process. We've been automating recruiting for years, so what makes today's automation [...]
Text Apply - Cafe Sample
The recruiting process is filled with manual, redundant, and time and sequence-dependent tasks that can be automated with a recruitment chatbot or recruiting automation. Adding a recruiting chatbot into your recruiting workflow can be very easy and very effective. Below are some recruitment chatbot examples and the beginnings of a  recruitment chatbot case study to help you [...]
Increase your candidate application rates by 500% or more? Most ATS career sites convert about 10% of visitors into candidates. What would your recruitment marketing look like if you could increase the apply rate by 5X? Here's how it works. When posting ads on Craigslist, Indeed, Snagajob, or similar job boards, instead of providing a link to the job details on your Successfactors [...]