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3 Unique Perks to Attract New Candidates Into Your Business

The working world has changed drastically and rapidly over the past few years. New generations of workers are shifting the tides and demanding more from employers, and they won’t hesitate to leave if their expectations and needs aren’t met. As such, companies may suffer from staffing shortages and high turnover rates. Employers may turn to various recruitment automation for an effective hiring process such as pre-employment screening, social media, and business websites, recruitment agency services, and more to find a qualified individual to fill a position. But beyond the hiring process, employee benefits play a huge role in recruitment. They give potential workers an idea of how your business can care for them and why you’re worth working for. Here are some unique perks to attract new candidates into your business:

1. Free or discounted services and products

Many candidates are attracted by the idea of benefiting from the services or products offered by the business they are looking to work for. With finances being a major concern for many in the workforce, providing services or products for free or at discounted rates as an employee perk can be attractive to potential candidates.

Sunglass Hut, a retailer of men’s and women’s sunglasses from designer brands like Ray-Ban and Versace, offers employees discounted eyewear and free yearly eye exams. After a year of service, employees also get free frames and lenses from a brand offered by the business. Because regular eye exams and good-quality eyewear can be costly, being able to get them for free or at a discounted price can be advantageous to candidates who may need vision care. It also lets them know that the business can take care of their needs, which can incentivize them to stay longer once employed.

2. Comprehensive mental health benefits

Mental health in the workplace is non-negotiable for many candidates, especially for younger generations who value work-life balance. As such, offering mental health benefits can bring in more employees who want to work for a company that understands their needs.

Streaming service Netflix offers a wide range of perks that contribute to a work-life balance and mental health. These benefits include private health service plans, meditation classes, mental health support such as free coaching and counseling, paid time off and parental leaves, and coverage for family-forming services like fertilization and surrogacy. Netflix understands that caring for employee’s mental health can lead to happy, loyal, productive teams.

3. Fitness programs

Aside from mental health, caring for employee’s physical well-being can help you stand out in the eyes of candidates who want to work for a company that enables them to care for their health. Sitting for long hours to work can lead to physical health issues, so fitness programs can foster better workplace health and happier employees.

Outdoor apparel brand Patagonia takes a unique approach to fitness perks for staff. They offer lessons on yoga, climbing, and surfing. They even encourage employees to drop work and go surfing as long as conditions are good and work is still getting done. Employees also get access to their e-bikes, sand volleyball courts, or river floats, depending on the Patagonia campus they’re in. Similar fitness initiatives can pique candidates’ interest, knowing that working for your company can be fun, rewarding, and healthy.