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Mobile First

Messaging is the #1 used app on the planet. Facebook Messenger already has 1 Billion monthly users.

Your current and future  workforce is already using Messaging.

High Engagement

Messaging is conversational, naturally engaging, and gets faster response rates than email or phone messages. Chatbots can help communicate in a friendly, yet distinct one-to-many way.

Messaging has  incredible engagement and response rates.  97% of text are read in 3 minutes, compared to Web conversion rates of 2-8%, and email conversion rates of <1%.

Fast Response

What's the big deal with GoBe and chatbots?

Let candidates "Apply via Messaging", for the mobile-first workforce. Provides the candidate with a simple and immediate way to engage with your company.

Job Seekers

Candidate Routing

GoBe can help you Find, View, and Apply to Jobs. 

Create a profile and apply to multiple jobs.

Engage candidates

GoBe - the Job Bot

Messaging has engagement and responses rates far superior to web, phone calls, and emails. Automate the barrage of tiny conversations and busy work that's required to qualify and hire applicants. 

Let candidates apply via text, and we'll route the canddiate information via email or your applicant tracking system (ATS).

Apply via Messaging


Job based Pre-screening

GoBe can import your companies jobs, pre-screen candidates, through customized pre-screening questions, and route candidates to job specific recruiters, your company careersite, or your applicant tracking system.

Ask applicants to complete pre-screening questions that are customized to be answered in a Messaging environment.  High engagement rates, will help employers find qualified candidates faster.

See GoBe in Action

Add GoBe to your Careersite.

GoBe can be customized for your company:

  • Branded with your company logo.
  • Customized with your Pre-screening questions
  • Integrated into your career site, to educate and engage your visitors.
  • Import your jobs, and provided Visually Branded job ads.
  • Integrated to your ATS for candidate applications.

Engage and retain more of your existing visitors to your existing Corporate, Collegiate, Diversity, or Part-time career sites. 97% of your career site visitors never apply, and don't return. Engage them with GoBe to communicate with them.

Yes, potentially. GoHire is building HR chatbot and messaging solutions that will integrate with multiple cross-platform HR technology service providers. If you would like us to consider your project please reach out.

* How much does GoBe cost?

A chatbot is a computer program that can respond to multiple requests, or questions, in an automated way, 24/7. They are "human-like", but clearly automated. Chatbots communicate via messaging apps, like SMS/Text, Facebook Messenger, etc.  Messaging apps are now used more often than Social Networking sites.

* How can GoBe increase my recruiting ROI?

GoBe can help pre-screen candidates by requesting candidates answer pre-screening questions that are specific to an individual job posting, or generic to your company. The pre-screening questions that you're currently using can be optimized to work within a Messaging platform.

Yes, GoBe will be able to "pull job postings" and "push" candidates into your ATS. We will be releasing our ATS integration partners soon.

GoBe was made to be customized for your company. GoBe can handle job postings and the apply process, as well as more customized recruiting and HR communications and messaging tasks. Talk to us, and we'll see if GoBe can help you.

Chatbots & Recruiting Questions

* Will GoBe work with my ATS?

* What is a chatbot?

* Can you build me a custom bot?

* Can GoBe scrape / import my jobs?

Yes, GoBe can be programmed to import/ scrape your company job postings, making the available for candidates to Find, View, and Apply.

* What can a chatbot do for my recruiting?

Most employer career sites are expensive to maintain and operate. Unfortunately, the ROI of a career site is hard to track back to specific applicants. What's even worse is that 85% of visitors never apply, and don't come back. 

GoBe can change this by giving jobs seekers and visitors the ability to learn about your company, your benefits, your products, and of course your jobs, in a mobile-first way that lets your recruiting team pre-qualify and communicate directly with the candidates they want to recruit.

GoHire was founded by Jonathan Duarte (“JD”), a Founder and CEO with 20 years of experience in the Internet Recruiting market, and Mike Lam, former Director of Business Intelligence, entrepreneur and investor. 

GoHire creates recruiting solutions that help employers find, engage, and recruit their workforce; including developing chatbot solutions that allow employers to engage and communicate with job seekers, in the mobile-first workforce. 

GoBe, the job search bot, engages candidates in a “Conversational Job Search”, via an automated bot that helps job seekers Find, View, and Apply for jobs all from within Messenger.

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