Solutions for a Flexible Workforce


OnDemand Marketplaces need clients and vendors:

Building an OnDemand Marketplace is tough enough... 

Worrying about trying to find Drivers, Delivery people, Couriers, and other Service Providers shouldn't be.

For the Flexible Workforce to grow and strive, recruiting and onboarding needs to be optimized and frictionless, for both the marketplaces and the providers. 

GoHire helps companies build and execute scaleable recruiting solutions; whether recruiting for multiple new regions, building referral programs to reduce recruiting expenses, or implementing retention campaigns to reduce workforce churn, we can help.

Workforce Referrals

Retention Solutions

* Employee Referral Programs (ERP)

* Mobile and InApp Development

* Best of Breed Referral Tracking Solutions

* Technical Integrations

* Referral Incentive Plans

Scalable Recruiting Solutions

* Employee / Partner Communications

* Social Engagement

* Online Training 

* Learning Management Systems

* Retention Audits

* Improve overall Lifetime Value (LTV)

* High Volume Recruitment Marketing

* Job Distribution to over 1,000 job boards

* Candidate Funnel Acquisition Optimization

* Big Data Analytics & Reporting

* KPI Metrics, ATS Integrations, Cloud Computing

* PPC, CPA, SEM, Display, and Email Campaigns