When you first set up your GoHire account, you may or may not, have set your default calendar time zone. If you received an error message, and can’t send Text Invites, this might be why

To Set your Local Time Zone for Text Invites.
Step 1.  Log in to your gohire account.
Step 2. Click on your name in the upper right, and then Settings.
Step 3. From the settings page, click the “Calendar Settings” tab, on the top navigation.
Step 4. In the “Location” field choose a city that is within your timezone. It doesn’t have to be the city you live in, just in your timezone, as that will set the daylight savings timing for your location.
Step 5. Click Save. You should see a confirmation message pop-up at the bottom of your screen.
Below is a quick video that shows the process:

Setting your GoHire TextInvite Time Zone


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