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The recruiting process is filled with manual, redundant, and time and sequence-dependent tasks that can be automated with a recruitment chatbot or recruiting automation. Adding a recruiting chatbot into your recruiting workflow can be very easy and very effective. Below are some recruitment chatbot examples and the beginnings of a  recruitment chatbot case study to help you [...]
Increase your candidate application rates by 500% or more? Most ATS career sites convert about 10% of visitors into candidates. What would your recruitment marketing look like if you could increase the apply rate by 5X? Here's how it works. When posting ads on Craigslist, Indeed, Snagajob, or similar job boards, instead of providing a link to the job details on your Successfactors [...]
Go Hire ReSI Award
GoBe, the virtual recruiting assistant, and arguably the best chatbot for recruiting, was named a Finalist for the  "Most Innovative Social Media Solution" for the 2017 Recruiting Innovation Service (ReSI) awards . "The Recruiting Innovation Service awards are one of the highest honors bestowed upon a company in the recruitment technology market," stated Jonathan Duarte, CEO of [...]
Increase Employee Engagement with Viagra Millions of dollars are spent every year on employee engagement. We know employee engagement has a direct link to workforce productivity, but what we didn't know is that Sex might just be the best employee engagement solution yet! Maybe we're trying to use software to solve a human issue. “We make jokes about people having a ‘spring in [...]
GoBe - The Job Bot, was recently listed on Botlist, one of the top directories for chatbots.  "Currently, Botlist is of the most active chatbot discovery sites", states Jonathan Duarte, CEO and Co-Founder of GoHire, the company behind GoBe. "We are still in the early stage of chatbots and users finding and discovery chatbots. Botlist has a search engine optimized chatbot [...]
GoHire's CEO and Co-Founder, Jonathan Duarte was recently interviewed by Peter Clayton on Total Picture Radio, about job search chatbots, recruiting, and artificial intelligence. Peter Clayton, is an award-winning producer/director of radio, television, documentary, video, interactive and Web-based media. He runs one of the most visited, and most trusted, HR Technology [...]
GoBe - The Job Bot, was recently reviewed by the team at Qwazou, the leading Facebook Messenger chat bot review site.The results were positive, even though GoBe had a small glitch when trying to enter a profile. GoBe is still learning, and we are working hard, everyday, to make it the best job search experience ever. You can also find the video review on YouTube - GoBe - The Job [...]
GoBe - The Job Bot, a job search chatbot on Facebook Messenger, launched quietly on December 12, 2016, via a single Facebook post. In a short 30 day period, while still in beta testing, GoBe racked up some incredible statistics; GoBe, managed over 100,000 messages with job seekers in over 106 countries, and almost all of the traffic and users came from social media shares, likes [...]
San Jose, CA, December 12th, 2016, Today, GoHire, Inc., a recruiting solutions provider, launched GoBe, a conversational chatbot that helps job seekers find, view, and apply for jobs directly within Facebook Messenger. Chat with GoBe on Facebook Messenger here! Employers can create customized pre-screening questions, for each job, making it easy for recruiters to prioritize [...]